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Five Unusual Foods You Can Cook On The Grill

Grilling is a long-awaited summer activity. While grilling, we get to enjoy the great outdoors.  Furthermore, we get to keep heat out of our houses. However we usually think of grilling as a way to cook meat and poultry, maybe fish. Occasionally we grill a ‘hobo pack’ of potatoes.  How about broadening your horizons and

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iKamand smart grill controller and Desora Kamado Joe BBQ

The Benefits of the iKamand

Grilling is one of the most enjoyable ways to prepare food. The delicious scents of smoke and sizzling meat, the rich flavors produced by char and caramelization — there’s nothing like it. However, the delights of grilling conceal numerous potential problems. Fires can take forever to become ready. Food can end up dangerously undercooked or

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