Upgrade your grilling experience​

    The iKamand attaches to the bottom vent of your Kamado Joe charcoal grill and controls temperature by controlling airflow. It allows you to Start, Stop, Monitor, and Change your Cook, straight from your phone. When you cook using the iKamand recipes, they automatically load onto your device and cook your food to perfection.
    • 12V DC Power Adaptor
    • High Temp Plastic
    • 1 Pit & 1 Meat Probe Included
    • Powerfull 20 CFM Fan
    • 1 Plastic Cap for your Vent Adaptor
    • IOS and Android Apps available

    The ProJoe is a High caliber grill that brings perfection to barbecue. It is powered by Desora’s Hyperbolic insert and propietary simulation design. It creates cyclonic smoke spirals that lead to temperature homogeneity while you cook.
    • 507 lbs / 240 kg
    • Kontrol Tower Top Vent
    • Air Lift Hinge
    • Divide & Conquer® System
    • Charcoal Basket
    • Stainless Steel Latch
    • Stainless Steel Handle
    • Patented Ash Collector
    • Thermometer
    • FireBox
    • Proprietary Hyperbolic Insert