Smash Burger

4min cooking time .

Smash Burger

Smashed burger off the Kamado Joe - simple and delicious! Today we have a slightly different style of burgers for you, the Smashed Burger! Here the smashing provides a special taste experience!



Cooking Time




  1. The basic requirement for a really good smashed burger is, of course, the quality of the meat. Therefore, try and get a reasonable quality of minced beef. You should order beef from the butcher with 20% fat. This makes the burger particularly juicy and tasty.
  2. Purists prepare the burger without seasoning, then season the meat after grilling with salt and pepper. We have had a very good experience with another method and season our meat with Worcester sauce, salt and pepper.
  3. First add the ground beef in a bowl and add salt, pepper and the Worcester sauce and lightly knead the spices. Don't knead too much, but only so much that the spices mix well with the meat. The minced meat should not bind like meatballs.
  4. Set up your grill for a 450F cook and set your divide and conquer system for a split cook, ½ indirect and ½ direct. For the indirect side place 1 half-moon deflector shield in place and set a standard grill grate over it at the highest setting. For the other side, place a cast iron half-moon griddle at the highest setting of the divide and conquer system.
  5. Divide the minced meat into equal portion and shape balls. Make each ball weigh 8 oz. While preparing the other ingredients, put the minced meat balls in the fridge.
  6. Now peel the onion and cut it into about 4 ¼ inch thick slices. Slice gherkins into 1/3rds.
  7. Prepare the burger buns by brushing the sliced buns on the cut surface with a little butter and lightly pressing on the cast iron plate so that the bun is toasted. When the buns are golden brown, take them off the grill and put some more butter on the grill plate
  8. Sauté the onion rings briefly and then placed in the indirect area of the grill.
  9. Now it's time to grill the burgers. Take the minced meat balls and put them on the hot grill plate. Within the first 20-30 seconds, flatten the minced meat on the grill plate. You can use a spatula or a special burger press made of cast iron. It is important that the grill plate is really hot, so that the meat gets nice toasty flavors. The patties are grilled for about 2 minutes each side. When the patties get slightly wet on the surface, it's time to turn them over. Note: The meat is pressed only once! If it is turned, you should not press it flat again, otherwise you will squeeze out all the meat juice and the burger will be dry.
  10. When the meat is turned, give them another minute and top each burger with a slice of cheddar.
  11. Now assemble the burger. On the bottom half of the bun, add a blob of mayonnaise, and a few cucumber slices. Now put the lightly roasted onion rings on top. On top of the onion rings add the double beef patty with the melted cheddar. Now add a dab of ketchup and mayonnaise on top and put the lid of the buns on. That's the ingenious Smash Burger!