Chef Eric’s Australian Blue Mountain Smoked Slaw

3h cooking time .

Chef Eric's Australian Blue Mountain Smoked Slaw

This slaw is fantastic, especially when served with the meat it was smoked with. The caramelized drippings of the meat have seasoned the slaw and will pair well with the meat as a lot of the flavor came from it. When you smoke slaw, the exterior get smoky. The inner 1/3 has become slightly softened from the heat and steam of the cabbage and the center began to siphon the garlic blackening mixture. Essentially you have 3 different flavors, 3 different colors and 3 different textures all in the same slaw. This is a dynamic side and is sure to steal the show. I have seen it make slaw lovers out of those who swore off slaw years ago!



Cooking Time




  1. Set up your Kamado Joe for a 250F indirect cook
  2. Core cabbage
  3. Mix together filling
  4. Fill the cored cabbage with the mixture
  5. Place a few of your favorite flavor KJ Wood Chunks into the embers and place the deflector shields in and the grill grates at the highest setting.
  6. Place the cabbage on the grill grate, mixture side up. (The slaw is best when smoked with meat on the grill at the same time)
  7. Smoke at 250F for 3 hours
  8. While you are waiting, mix the slaw dressing.
  9. Take cabbage off the grill, place it on a cutting board and slice it down the center and let it cool a bit.
  10. Once cool enough to handle, slice thin for a slaw and mix well.
  11. t this point the sliced slaw can be refrigerated for later use or dressed for immediate use but do not dress until you are ready to serve.
  12. Dress the slaw but do not over dress (some cabbages are larger than others)