Grilling With Kids: 5 Easy and Quick Recipes

One of the many delights of grilling is its family-friendly nature. Everyone loves grilled food from the teething baby gnawing a corncob to the grandparents proud of their descendants. Indeed, because it’s so much fun, grilling is a perfect way to teach your kids about cooking. Here are five easy and quick recipes to make with your kids. Each is a quick recipe to prepare and much more interesting than basic hotdogs and burgers. Bring your kids in the kitchen and out to the grill! 


Also, always remember that you can modify any recipe you’d like to better suit your kids’ tastes. Or let them modify the recipe! It’ll be both educational and delicious! 


  • This Pizza Pinwheels appetizer is an easy and quick recipe. Furthermore, it’s likely to amaze your kids. Who ever heard of grilled pizza? In fact, many people. Still, the first time most kids find out pizza can be grilled it blows their minds that an ‘indoor’ food like pizza can be cooked ‘outdoors’ on the grill. Start showing them the grill’s versatility with these pizza pinwheels.


  • Grilled Shrimp and Steak Skewers deliciously demonstrate the classic kabob. Skewers are fun to put together and tasty to eat, with all those charred edges around juicy insides. Furthermore, these easy and quick recipes lend themselves to experiments and variations. How does it affect the steak to cut it in slices rather than chunks? What size shrimp work best? Get your kids in the kitchen to put these skewers together and bring them to the grill to test them out!


  • Among easy and quick recipes, Muffin Pan Chicken stands out. It uses chicken thighs and barbecue sauce — what could be simpler? This is a perfect recipe to involve kids in the kitchen. Older children can practice their knife skills while boning the chicken, of course under close supervision. All kids will enjoy using their hands to mix everything up, as well as tucking the chicken into its pans. 


  • For a prime example of grilled vegetables, introduce your kids to Smoked corn on the cob. Children who won’t eat veggies any other way often discover they love the smokiness, crisp edges and char of grilled vegetables. Grilling brings out sweet flavors, and kids have famous sweet tooths. Start with this quick recipe to prepare and enjoy, and use it as a gateway to other vegetables — summer squash, winter squash, even asparagus and big green beans. 


  • Our last recipe isn’t really a recipe so much as a method. That classic dessert, grilled fruit with ice cream, will delight your kids. Try halved peaches, plums, and such stone fruits, apples, or even planks of banana or pineapple. Outfit your kids with long gloves and longer tongs, and show them how to carefully turn the fruit for beautiful grill marks. They’ll feel like experts and you’ll be so proud.


These are just some of the possible easy and quick recipes you can grill with your kids. Try a few, and before you know it you’ll have kids in the kitchen all the time! At least until it’s time to head out to the grill!