Fall Grilling: Five Recipes

Grilling at home isn’t just for summer! You can grill like a pro for much of the year as long as you keep your approach flexible and your grill well heated. The iKamand grill controller is a great help in maintaining the fire inside no matter what the weather is outside. Also, while you’re enjoying fall grilling, try some unusual grilling recipes. Here are five we’ve selected from our archives.


  • Pulled Brisket is a barbecue classic. Also, its low and slow cooking style and smoky richness mesh well with the Fall ambiance. Furthermore the results feed a crowd wonderfully or provide versatile leftovers for days.  Enjoy your brisket as sandwiches, as tacos, folded into chili or even as hash. The possibilities are endless and delicious.
  • Pork Neck Skewers may sound like an unusual grilling recipe, but they are actually familiar, as well as very tasty. Pork neck is a less-famous yet succulent cut of meat. Because of a pig’s thick muscles, pork neck cubes nicely. Skewers of meat, aka kabobs, are always a great joy of grilling at home, with their charred crisp outsides, juicy insides, and fun nature. These pork skewers are all that and more so.
  • The Smash Burger is a grilling classic. Crispy, sizzling, and smoky, it’s everyone’s ideal of a burger. Yet it’s also something uniquely its own. Learn this recipe to grill like a pro and dazzle everyone at your fall barbecues!
  • Maple Miso Planked Salmon is sweet, salty, savory, and delicious. Planked salmon may seem an unusual grilling method if you’re not from the Pacific Northwest, where people have been cooking salmon this way for thousands of years.  The rich yet clean flavor of cedar perfumes the salmon. Furthermore maple gilds the salmon with another tree’s essence. It’s a little like tasting a river in a forest, and what could be more seasonal for fall?
  • If planking salmon seems like an unusual grilling method, grill-roasting cabbage must sound downright strange. Yet it’s the key to Chef Eric’s Australian Blue Mountain Smoked Slaw. Brussels sprouts crisp and sweeten when roasted. So too does kale on a wood-fired pizza. Likewise, grilling cabbage produces sweet, smoky results. Who would imagine something this uncommon from grilling at home? 


You don’t have to put away your grill once Labor Day passes. Keep on grilling at home all through the fall, enjoying the taste of smoke in the crisp, clean air. These recipes are just the beginning of what you can cook on a ProJoe grill, with the iKamand grill controller to help you grill like a pro.