The Perfect Grilled Lobster At Home

Grilled lobster is a summertime treat. Instead of managing big pots of boiling water, you quickly sear the lobster over a hot fire. The flavors concentrate while the flesh crisps around the edges and pulls away from the shell. You can eat it as is, make a lovely lobster roll, or any one of a host of summertime dishes. Rather than a specific recipe, we have tips for you to ensure your grilled lobster is the best it can be. 


Heat Control

Grilled lobster requires high heat. This sears the outside while leaving the inside moist and juicy. The easiest way to achieve this steady high heat is to hook an iKamand up to your ProJoe grill.  This grill temperature controller will fan your fire with a steady blast of air and measure it constantly. Thus the fire stays constant and hot to grill your lobster. Additionally you can easily lower the temperature just by resetting the iKamand, so you can toast up crisp rolls for each and every lobster roll.


Sauces and Flavors

Grilled lobster takes well to many flavor palettes. Garlic and butter may spring to mind, but how about some others? Try a Chinese ginger sauce, or honey mustard and balsamic vinegar, or even the mix of lemon, white wine, shallot and chervil.  Other options include mango juice added to teriyaki, or maple syrup and rosemary in butter with a blob of wasabi whisked in at the end. You could even try chipotle, apple cider, and butter with a splash of brandy. The possibilities are endless! Just make sure your sauce is ready before you prep and grill your lobster. 

fresh lobster caught and smoked on outdoor grill using smart controller iKamand on Kamado Joe Big Joe

Grilled Lobster Cooks Fast!

In fact, be sure everything you need is ready, from grill equipment to a platter for the finished food. Because the lobster grills so hot, grilled lobster cooks fast.  The last step before grilling is prepping the lobster. To do this, split it in two equal halves, twist off the claws, and scoop out and discard the yellow-green tomalley. Crack the claws and drizzle the four lobster pieces with some of the sauce, and you’re ready to put them over the fire!


The Lobster Roll and Beyond

Of course the delicious grilled lobster will work beautifully in a lobster roll. (Try toasting the buns over your fire.) And there’s always the primal method of picking and eating the lobster right then. But in addition to these may we offer some other serving suggestions? You can toss the lobster with more ginger sauce and scallions, and serve it with rice. Cooling the meat and serving it over a peppery green salad would be a lovely hot-day dish. Possibly best of all, you can surround the lobster with other kinds of seafood and have a clambake right from your grill! Whatever you choose, you’ll be certain to enjoy your smoke-kissed, juicy grilled lobster.