How To Make Your Labor Day Grill-iant!

Labor Day celebrates the social and economic achievements of American workers. Even more so during this tumultuous year, we absolutely deserve a celebration! Enjoy your long weekend and honor our collective industry by grilling from home. If you want a traditional burgers – and – hot -dogs barbecue we have a guide to that.  However, you might want to try more adventurous dishes for summer’s last grilling session. To that end, we’ve selected a labor day recipe or two from our Recipes Archive for you. Also, we’ve added notes on how these fit together into a delicious meal. We’ve even included ideas towards a lobster roll recipe!

  • Grilled Pizza Pinwheels  — these delicious, elegant appetizers are easy to make and serve. Also, they puff up delightfully on the grill. Your guests can munch on them while you prepare the next courses.
  • Brown Butter Lobster Tail — these butter-drenched lobster tails can of course be eaten as they are. However, consider other options,. There’s the lobster roll recipe from  earlier. (The grill is a handy place to toast the buns.) Or toss together a cool and creamy lobster salad over lettuce. Thus you’ll set off your hot dishes with one that’s cool and refreshing. The ideas are endless!
  • Smoked Corn on the Cob — this is a true Labor Day recipe. Unite smoke, sweetness, and tradition in this fitting use of the last of summer’s fresh corn. As long as you’re grilling from home, make plenty. Leftovers can go into salads and salsas.
  • Chef Eric’s Porchetta  — This is a standout roast. Uniting the collective cooking wisdom of Italian tradition with a fresh modern approach, porchetta brings grilling from home to new heights. Furthermore, it feeds a crowd with crispy, juicy, porky goodness.
  • Apple Cake With Salted Caramel — of course any festival of grilling from home includes a grilled dessert. The union of smoke and apples sounds unlikely but it’s actually spectacular. Also, there are several steps but none is that difficult. In the end the result is truly worthwhile. Definitely try this Labor Day recipe.

Whether you cook our menu or choose other Labor Day recipes, enjoy your day as an American worker! Consider the important history which brought us benefits such as the weekend. Stand in solidarity with your fellow workers. Try creating your own lobster roll recipe. And enjoy a festive celebration of grilling from home on your Labor Day.