An Introduction to the iKamand

The iKamand was born out of a Harvard class on creating practical solutions to life’s problems. This grill temperature controller has become an indispensable grilling device. Let’s introduce you to this cutting-edge perfection of one of the oldest cooking methods.

Cooking over fire and coals is a time-honored tradition. Even with a range of other methods available we turn to grilling again and again. After all, it’s fun and delicious. The smoke adds flavors no other method can supply. But, like all human endeavors, grilling has its flaws. The biggest issue in grilling is that it’s very hard to control the temperature. Several factors affect the heat levels, from the shape and size of the fire to the weather and wind speed. This in turn has a huge effect on the results. The same grill setup can yield succulent food one day, but dried-out sooty remnants on the next. This is all due to the unpredictable temperature.

The iKamand grill controller connects to the bottom vent of the Kamado Joe grills. From there it monitors the grill’s temperature and continuously adjusts the airflow to steady the heat levels. This grill controller makes a grill as reliable as an oven. (In fact, even more so — ovens cycle their temperatures.) Furthermore, because you control the iKamand from an app on your smart phone, it lets you grill from a distance. You can monitor your cook from indoors, or while spending time with your guests. 

All in all, the iKamand grill controller is a marvelous invention. Paired with the excellent Kamado Joe grills it reliably delivers the best grilling experience possible. It makes grilling easy and delivers perfect results.  It’s like a cruise control for your grill!  Please read our next blog posts for more on what the iKamand can do for you.