How the iKamand Works

Man grilling with the iKamand app. Smart grill controller with Desora BBQ

The smart cooking appliance iKamand brings a new level of control to grilling. This grill controller continuously monitors the grill and food with built in thermometers. Using this data it adjusts the airflow to stabilize the heat. Perfect results are guaranteed. Are you tired of overcooking and undercooking? Instead of continuing to struggle, make your charcoal grill a smart grill with the iKamand grill controller.

The Heart of Grilling

The heart of grilling is the fire. This is also the most unpredictable aspect.  Fires are composed of three elements — oxygen from the air, fuel, and heat. Fuel resides in the firebox, and diminishes as the fire consumes it. It also insulates the fire, steadying its temperature. Wind, weather, and the grill’s design are other factors which affect heat and oxygen levels.

Order From Chaos

The iKamand grill controller imposes order on the fire. From its location on the bottom air vent of the Kamado Joe grill, it regulates the air flow to the firebox. This provides temperature control. The iKamand’s built-in thermometers continuously monitor the grill and food. Its smart control algorithms use this feedback to precisely adjust the air flow. The airflow controls the oxygen supply to the fire. This allows pinpoint accuracy in maintaining the temperature and heat output. This precision carries over to your food as it cooks.

What the iKamand Does

The iKamand functions over a wide temperature range. This versatile grill controller adjusts the grill for any recipe. Its precision improves every aspect of grilling, from fast searing and grill-marking to long steady cook sessions for briskets or whole cuts. By holding the pit temperature steady, the iKamand frees you from staying with your grill during those 18 hour sessions. This grill controller does the work for you.

The Palm of Your Hand

That’s how the iKamand controls the grill, but how do you control the iKamand? Very easily from the palm of your hand. Just download our user-friendly app (for iOS and Android).  Setup is as simple as connecting your phone to the iKamand via your wifi. The app walks you through the steps. Then just enter the desired temperature and the type of food being grilled. The app recommends a target food temperature, but you can also customize to your liking.

Maintain Control

Controlling your grill through the iKamand is easier than controlling your home thermostat. The app takes your instructions. The smart algorithm keeps the grill temperature constant.  If you want to change the setting, simply open the app again and enter in your new temperature. All changes go through the app, so once the grill is set up grilling  is entirely hands-off. The app also provides live temperature updates. You can monitor the grill from anywhere in your home. 

The app also has several bonus features. These include a selection of recipes for use with the iKamand. All are designed to help you cook like a pit master in no time. Both the app and the iKamand are fully supported. We regularly release updates to improve functionality and the user experience.

It’s easier than ever to enjoy a perfect grilling experience. Grill with ease and serve with confidence, using the iKamand grill controller.