The Benefits of the iKamand

iKamand smart grill controller and Desora Kamado Joe BBQ

Grilling is one of the most enjoyable ways to prepare food. The delicious scents of smoke and sizzling meat, the rich flavors produced by char and caramelization — there’s nothing like it. However, the delights of grilling conceal numerous potential problems. Fires can take forever to become ready. Food can end up dangerously undercooked or inedibly overcooked. This is why the iKamand grill controller was created, to eliminate these issues and turn any novice into a pitmaster.

The iKamand and Heat Control

In grilling, one needs constant heat, no matter the heat level. When starting the fire, match flames and lighter cubes provide only a small amount of heat. This can take a prohibitively long time to catch and spread through the fuel. The iKamand helps here by providing a fast and steady stream of air. This increases the oxygen supply, without causing buffeting that could put out the growing fire.

Similarly, high heat produces crisp browned crusts, grill marks, and rich caramelized flavors in food. Heat that’s not high enough leaves food lackluster on the outside and dried out inside. The iKamand  grill temperature controller maintains the heat you’ve chosen. It supports high heat production with a constant stream of air. This provides far more ventilation than a fire gains from diffusion or breezes. Just set it and forget it and return to perfectly cooked food. 

Moderate Steady Heat

Medium heat is used to cook an item just through, such as grill-roasting a chicken. It allows food to cook normally while gaining a kiss of smoke that no oven can supply. The iKamand grill controller maintains constant heating throughout the entire grill and during the entire cooking process.  No roasts will come off your grill with underdone or overdone patches, just even succulence throughout.

Most importantly, grills supply the low and slow temperatures which characterize barbecue. This style of cooking converts connective tissue to gelatin and rich flavor compounds. Tough meat becomes tender, juicy, and deeply savory. However, this conversion can only happen if the heat stays steady. Too low and the reaction stops. Too high and connective tissues tighten instead of melting, while moisture cooks away instead of dissolving those tissues. The iKamand grill controller monitors and maintains temperature so you can just set it and forget it. It also provides you with real-time information on the grill and food so you can grill straight from your phone. 

Grill Like a Pitmaster

Furthermore, the iKamand provides resources. The app includes a carefully curated selection of recipes which all illustrate how to cook with an iKamand.  There’s also a Facebook group for iKamand users, where grilling enthusiasts swap recipes, information, photos and more. Join our grilling community and reliably cook with confidence, with the iKamand grill controller!


Cook like a Pitmaster in 7 easy steps

  • Attach the iKamand to the bottom of your grill
  • Download the app
  • Choose a recipe
  • Place food on grill and position pit and probe
  • Set it and forget it, let the iKamand do the cooking
  • Watch live updates on your phone
  • Enjoy your perfectly cooked food