Desora in 2018


In 2018, we launched the iKamand and the Pro Joe in partnership with Kamado Joe, one of the leading charcoal grill brands in the US. The iKamand is a smart grill controller and the Pro Joe is a benchmark-setting grill meant for the most enthusiastic of outdoor chefs.


Together, Desora and Kamado Joe are working to marry BBQ with Technology. We are drawing on the BBQ expertise accumulated by Kamado Joe over its 8-year history in pioneering charcoal grills and are providing the blueprint for where we see Technology taking the cooking industry in the next 5 to 10 years.


Our Vision

Our vision for Technology in this industry, involves a future where software plays a value-add role in the cooking experience: not only making it easier to cook but also increasing the quality and number of tools at your disposal when you are cooking. So far, most common household ovens only offer a temperature reading and a timer. With the iKamand and the Pro Joe grill we are now giving our users access to more information about their grill than ever before.


The iKamand now allows you without any prior experience (yes, even if you have zero hours of cooking experience) to immediately get cooking great BBQ at a simple touch of a button. All you have to do is download the app and install your iKamand device at the base of your charcoal BBQ. Everything else is either clearly guided in the app (such as how to prep your food or light your fire) or is outright taken care of by the device itself (such as cooking your food and alerting you when its done). The iKamand is powered by Desora’s software.


The Pro Joe is the first grill to ever be designed using computer simulations normally reserved for work done at research institutions or in high performance fields such as Formula 1 racing.  The grill features our iconic hyperbolic insert, which is meant to change the pressure and air profile in your grill to lead to optimal cooking. We have built and refined our computer simulations using insights gathered through thousands of hours of BBQ’ing and from millions of data points. And it is these very models that will continue to be our (not so) secret weapon, in our pursuit to build the kitchen of tomorrow.


Our Progress

Over the last 100 days, we have sold a few thousand iKamand devices, have collected data on thousands of cooks, and have sold our first few Pro Joe grills. You can now buy both Desora products through our online store or through our  in-app store on the iKamand mobile app. Sale, Warranty, and Customer Support for these products are handled by Kamado Joe’s support team.


While it is still very early on, we look forward to keep rolling out our technology in new grills. We have two more products on the way, the Classic III grill and the Big Joe III grill, both of which will contain our hyperbolic insert. And while we continue to support our products out in the field, such as the software for the iKamand, we are simultaneously building new software features internally that we believe will ultimately add significant value in the kitchen at large.



The Desora Team